Phone refuses to wake up from suspend - Help please!

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Phone refuses to wake up from suspend - Help please!

Postby DoctorG » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:54 am

I am using the CM10.1 JB 4.2.2 ROM, and I'm suffering from the same problem as this guy: q-a-and-troubleshooting-for-nexushd2-jellybean-cm10-1-t13-390.html?hilit=ksm#p5960
Since there has been no reply to him since his post back in MAY (I'm guessing it's not a heavily traveled part of the board these days..), I'm starting a thread here in the general troubleshooting forum, in the hopes that some extra eyeballs might lead to a solution.

**I'd first like to extend some quick but much-deserved kudos to Tytung, for the incredible work he's done over the last few years. Due to the efforts of people like him, a phone that would have probably been relegated to the junk pile has been repeatedly given new life. Thank you! :)

The problem, in a nutshell:
Phone sporadically/randomly refuses to wake up from sleep. I.E., phone is on, charged, and pressing any hardware key causes keystrip to light up, however screen remains dark and unresponsive. Sometimes LED will be blinking, sometimes not. Phone needs to be resurrected/rebooted via hard-reset or battery removal. It's happening at all different levels of battery charge.

Pertinent data:
HTC HD2 is T-Mobile U.S. model
I did a NAND + Data on EXT install, using a Sandisk 32GB Class 4 card.

The card was partitioned on a Win 7 desktop with the SD Format tool, vFat to full capacity (default settings), and then a 4GB EXT4 data partition was created in recovery.

My partition sizes are pretty much the ROM's recommended spec, except for the extra space in the system partition:
recovery = 10MB
boot = 5MB
misc = 1MB
system = 450MB
userdata = 465MB
cache = 2MB

Loader is cLK v1.5.2.0
Recovery is TWRP (extended) v2.6.3.4

I first installed this ROM two weeks ago, on a spare HD2 (I have three) which I had intended to 'spruce up' and give to my teenage daughter. Phone previously held stock WinMo 6.5 with latest radio, in excellent working condition. Performed Task 29, then manually installed bootloader and recovery. Wiped and formatted all partitions in recovery and installed ROM via Aroma installer (choosing Data on SD) with no issues. After a couple of reboots to get things settled, I immediately started installing programs, tweaked some basic settings and gave the phone to my daughter.

After a few days with apparently no issues, my daughter reported to me that the phone started exhibiting the "wake-up" problem. Took the phone from her for troubleshooting and observed wake-up problem occurring at random times: sometimes the phone had been sitting for many hours or overnight and I'd get Black Screen (BS) when trying to wake up, sometimes it would wake up successfully 5 times in a row, but then suddenly give BS just 5-10 minutes after the last time I successfully woke it up.

I thought it could be a rogue app or widget causing problems, so I started uninstalling anything I deemed suspicious. No results, so I cleaned Cache and Dalvik machine. When this didn't help I factory-reset the ROM. Still problems, so I finally wiped all partitions and re-installed the ROM. Problem manifested within 5 hours of clean install. At that point, out of ideas, I started searching these forums. A few people report having same problem, like the above-referenced post, but no clear-cut solutions found. One post suggested it could be due to developer under-clocking ROM, so I enabled hidden Performance options and bumped up "Minimum CPU" to 384Mhz. Was hopeful, but a few hours later the phone gave me the black screen of death.

So now I'm at wits end, and don't know what else to try. The only thing I haven't changed is the SD card, but keep in mind that this card has been a champ performer in previous generation ROMs, and was benchmarked and error-tested before being put in to service for this ROM. (Still, I'm not opposed to replacing it with a different card for the sake of completeness, or if someone really thinks it will help). Anyway, it's very sad because I really like this ROM but will have to abandon it if I can't figure out what's causing the black screen.

Something else caught my attention. While researching other ROMs, I was reading up on a JB MIUI ROM over on XDA, and came across several users posting that they were having the wake-up problem with that ROM! Further reading uncovered that that ROM--although cooked up by a different chef-- is using Tytung's kernel, the same one as this ROM (kernel=tytung_jellybean_r2). So, no knock on Tytung, but it makes me curious if it could be something kernel-related... If true, it could potentially encompass post-JB4.2.2 ROM versions, since they use the same kernel.

While it's clear that not a lot of people are having this problem, it's also evident that it is not just me. There has to be a common denominator.

Anyway, I'm very much hoping someone here can lead me to an answer, but I'd appreciate any and all input on this matter. Thanks!
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Re: Phone refuses to wake up from suspend - Help please!

Postby Wizzard » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:54 pm

It is possible that the version ROM you've installed may have some kernel issues ,thou experiencing the same black screen after updating from version 4.5 -> 4.6 and then to 4.7.

My solution was to use Partition Wizzard and allocate the sizes that I need from a 32GB SDCard with a 400MB system size as explained from the initial page from the forum HD2 ROM development.

Install a full and clean ROM (ver 4.7 ) on the partition using MAGDLR.

Once installed give the device a full 5 minutes to allocate all settings and reboot to start installing your applications. Installing applications can be easier if the " BackUp Restore " option in settings is checked.

Remember to firstly run your device on normal system and not to make any hasty tweaks for performance or into the Hardware Acceleration settings.

Try this solution and let us know if it works.

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