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[Q] Tytung ICS Kernel Control App?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:49 am
by n1nj4Lo
For over/underclocking and all that good stuff? I'm running this rom: MIUI-ICS-HD2-Leo-2.8.10-HWA-DE-EN[Securecrt/tytung r2.5#1] and it says kernel version 2.6.32-ics_tytung_HWA_r2.5

I tried rom toolbox pro but it was a no go, so far I'm loving this rom much faster than the JB version and with MoboLive Launcher it's nicer and I can handle MiUi a lil more, since it wants icons all over your homescreen as if you were an iphone user in denial. I do love the other ui tweaks of MiUi and it's features.