So Long, and Thanks for all the fish...

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So Long, and Thanks for all the fish...

Postby rlichtefeld » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:55 pm

My work is now providing smartphones, since we are now supposed to check our work mail when away from our computers. We got to select from a few models, and I went with a Samsung Galaxy S4. The HTC One and Nexus 5 weren't options.

So, I wanted to thank Tytung, and the other mods and developers for the wonderful work you all did in keeping my HTC HD2 running well after it's sell by date.

It's been fun learning about Android (I'm a Windows guy), and all the stuff that can be done with it and the hardware that HTC put into the HD2. Before it I had the Dell Axim x51v, and the HD2 seemed a worthy successor.

Now I get to learn to all about Odin, Knox, Kies, etc.

Thanks everyone, I've had a blast here and on XDA.

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Retiring my HD2

Postby gasanpride » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:10 am

Hi Folks, The time has come to formally retire my HD2. It’s been 3+ years since I bought the unit from T-Mobile , not brand new but a refurbished one. So far to date, no hardware trouble yet and will still that way since it will be just in my drawer and will serve as a backup.

The successor is a brand new Nexus 5, 32GB with 2Gig of memory – a very, very fast unit. I already rooted it, still with the Stock Rom on it, but eventually will taste other Nexus 5 ROMS out there.

My HD2 obviously will miss all the flashing activities that it is used to, from WM to Android ROMS – GB, ICS, GB, KK.

I’d like to thank first Tytung for all his hard work keeping our HD2 up to date with the latest ROM in the market.

Thanks also to other HD2 developers/ROM builders/testers, to name a few that in one way or another I used their ROMs or interact with – Dorimanx, Pongster, Xylograph, AmeriCanAndroid, securecrt, boxmax, mccmjoon76, Learning Never Ends team (Robbie P, wis1152, c1cl0n), boonbing, kovjanos, mark1706, tyween, kokotas, sbrayn12144, mskip, xboxmod (WM7).

And lastly thanks to Cotulla, for the creation of his MAGLDR masterpiece.

PS. I realized I posted this on the wrong thread. Mod, please move this to General Section if you will.
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